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About Us

Levelcrowd OU was created at the interface of modern financial technologies and the real economy in order to provide our customers with the best opportunities for profitable and safe investment. When creating the concept of the international business community, Levelcrowd Team's projects were backed by the experience and knowledge of the leading experts in the industry. Our main goal was to unite the interests and potentials of private investors in the most attractive economy sector.

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The investment involves significant risk and may result in partial or total loss.

How will my funds be protected?

Legal protection
Together with our partner Deloitte company, the world leader in the sphere of juridical and consulting services, we have elaborated the necessary legal mechanism. Thereby we acquired a full legal status for all the transactions carried out on LevelCrowd platform.

The cryptographic technology for the most important documents
Each agreement or contract concluded within the platform is to be signed with an electronic signature, while the cryptographic protection technology provides for the encryption of all legally significant documents on rights and transactions with unique hash. This guarantees that once encrypted, all documents remain unchanged, making it no longer possible to forge them.

Real estate pledges
LevelCrowd platform serves as a pledgee of the real estate object, which supports the obligations of the obligor (the owner of the real estate) to investors in the amount of not less than 130% of the total amount of loans attracted. Thanks to this scheme, the risks of investors can be significantly reduced in the event of bankruptcy of the obligor or his failure to comply with the terms of the loan agreement.

How the high returns are achieved?

LevelCrowd platform offers investors a completely new technology, allowing them to create direct legal interactions between investors and owners of profitable real estate objects without intermediaries, in a simple and safe manner.
• Funds from investors are received by real estate owners through a loan agreement, and dividends on loans are paid by an obligor from the profit received as a result of the lease, renovation or construction projects implementation
• The technology we use on the platform allows us to identify the owner's (investor's) exact share of the income generated by the object of investment, and the pre-established algorithms accurately distribute dividends received from the monthly rental income.
• The direct investment mechanism has helped to eliminate most of the intermediaries that bridge the gap between the private capital and commercial real estate markets, creating new opportunities for investors to increase their returns by more than 11-13% per annum.
• LevelCrowd platform charges the obligors the lowest fees for its services. As for the investors, there is no commission to be paid by them. There are no other fees or payments required.

Why use it?

How does it work?

LevelCrowd platform enables users to grant direct loans to the owners of profitable real estate:
• Investor money is deposited to the owner's account and a loan agreement is signed.
• Interest on loans is paid to investors from the profit received as a result of the lease, renovation, or construction project implementation

Levelcrowd selects and places on the website projects to which investors are invited to invest according to the terms and conditions set out in the description. Investors are mortgaged with real estate and paid interest on the project, which is a guarantee that their investment will be repaid.
Levelcrowd oversees the borrower’s timely settlement with investors and fully represents the interests of investors. On the other hand, Levelcrowd is a great help for business as it mobilizes funding from a wide range of investors, manages paperwork, and provides a platform for easy reporting to investors.

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