About us

We offer a unique investment experience in the industry, the result of our many years of work in the real estate industry, alliances with leading companies in the world and our team of experts .


At LevelCrowd our mission is to empower individuals by providing access to quality real estate investments in responsible and efficient ways.

LevelCrowd is a platform for real estate investment and business loans. The company was founded in 2019 and nearly 400 investors from different countries have invested in loans listed on LevelCrowd. LevelCrowd operates under the jurisdiction of Estonian law. The Central office and working group are based in the heart of the Baltic States – Tallinn. Our concept is based on investments in real estate and business projects without intermediaries and hidden conditions or costs.

Backup + Legal + Insurance + Security
= Guarantee


World leading experts support, certify and advise us on each step of our structured investment process.


Advised by the best global legal firm in real estate, all necessary documents are reviewed and generated, such as: deeds, interests in trusts and contracts.


The unique insurance mechanism protects your investments. We have our reserve Fund, which is constantly replenished. In addition, each investor has the opportunity to insure their finances under the insurance contract.


Transfers are made to an account in the name of a financial institution, directly to their trust. Money does not mix with our accounts.


The investments are linked to a real estate, they are real assets that you can see at all times and that always go up in value.

Projects evaluated by experts

All the developments that you will see within LevelCrowd are evaluated by the highest quality standards and an exhaustive selection process.

Direct transfer to trust fund

Your money is delivered directly to a financial institution that is responsible for managing the funds and guarantee that the processes are the most optimal and transparents.

It all starts with
a great team

Built by real estate experts in combination with the best talent found across the globe, LevelCrowd is the most efficient way to invest in professionally managed commercial real estate.

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